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Taylor & Ring Overview

Taylor & Ring is a plaintiff’s personal injury and sexual abuse/assault firm located in Manhattan Beach and serving clients in the greater Los Angeles region, from Southern California to the Bay Area. Personal injury practice areas include all types of vehicle and transit accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, injuries to children, nursing home neglect and abuse, product and premises liability, construction accidents, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death. The firm also represents clients in matters of sexual abuse and assault in schools, other sexual assault crimes committed against children, religious organizations, at work, rape, and other cases as well as employment discrimination, harassment, and other litigation.

The legal team is comprised of highly skilled trial attorneys, with John C. Taylor and David M. Ring having more than 50 combined years of legal experience. They investigate each case, determine which law applies, and knowledgeably argue for clients through settlement negotiations or in court.

With a compassionate and professional approach, Taylor & Ring is committed to protecting clients’ rights and pursuing justice on their behalf with dedicated advocacy. The legal team answers clients’ questions and guides them through the processes in their case with compassion while developing strategies designed to effectively achieve the best outcomes.

Taylor & Ring Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Traumatic Brain Injury; Spinal Cord Injury; Burns; Electrical Shock; Loss of Limb (Amputation); Blindness / Vision Impairment; Scarring & Disfigurement; Defective Products; Mass Transit Accidents; Aviation Accidents; Sexual Abuse and Assault; Nursing Home Neglect; Police Shootings / Police Misconduct / Police Brutality; Defective and Dangerous Products; Construction Site Accidents; Injuries to Children; Child Sexual Abuse / Sexual Assault; Rape and Sexual Assault.

Taylor & Ring Areas of Law Description

– Personal Injury

Our attorneys represent the seriously-injured people and the families of a mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter who has been tragically killed in an accident. In any significant personal injury case, it is imperative that the injured person or his or her relatives quickly retain a high-quality plaintiff’s attorney. Selecting an incompetent or unqualified lawyer can result in a low settlement of your case or an outright defeat in your lawsuit. Hiring a lawyer soon after the incident allows the lawyer to do everything necessary to investigate the accident before evidence is destroyed, witnesses disappear and memories fade.

– Car Accident

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident you should never attempt to resolve your case without the advice of a plaintiff’s lawyer who specializes in automobile accident cases. The insurance company for the person or company that caused the car accident will frequently contact you directly before you have hired a lawyer and attempt to convince you that a lawyer is not needed and that the insurance company will pay you a fair settlement. Do not fall for this trap. We have seen the unscrupulous tactics of insurance companies who tell unsuspecting car accident victims that they are only entitled to reimbursement of their medical bills and other similar misrepresentations.

– Motorcycle Accident

Our attorneys are very experienced in litigating accidents involving motorcycles. In 2007, John Taylor and Dave Ring obtained an $18.6 million jury verdict on behalf of a motorcyclist who was injured when a vehicle turned left in his path. This verdict is believed to be the largest motorcycle verdict in California in 2007 and one of the largest personal injury verdicts in California for that year also.

– Truck Accident

An accident involving a truck usually causes serious injuries or death to those involved. Trucking accidents require extensive investigation in order to prove legal liability and fault on the part of the truck driver and his employer. At the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring, our attorneys have extensive experience in complex truck accident cases. Litigating a serious truck accident case is expensive because many types of experts are required. We have the financial resources and the relationship with the best experts in the trucking field to ensure that your case against a trucking company will not be lost because of a lack of resources on the attorney’s part.

– Train and Bus Accident

If you or a family member has been involved in a train, bus or light rail accident resulting in death or serious injury, it is crucial that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. Taylor & Ring utilizes accident reconstruction experts and investigators who tenaciously collect and preserve critical evidence at the scene.

– Aviation Accident

Aviation accident and injury law includes not only major commercial carriers and non-commercial crafts, but also covers any in-flight injuries that may occur. Aviation accident litigation is often complex because it usually involves state, federal and sometimes international regulatory laws and governing bodies.

– Burn Injury

Attorneys at the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring handle civil litigation on behalf of seriously burned individuals throughout Southern California. Recognized for our precedent-setting verdicts and settlements in many high-profile cases, we have the ability and experience to pursue, manage and resolve a variety of burn cases with the strength and sensitivity essential to all such proceedings.

– Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries typically render a person disabled for life. Paraplegia and quadriplegia result from spinal cord injuries. If a person is injured by the fault of another and the result is a spinal cord injury, the resulting litigation is critical because the injured person will need lifetime care for his or her injuries, and that lifetime care usually costs millions of dollars. At the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring, we have represented many victims who suffered spinal cord injuries. We are extremely knowledgeable about the type of future care these victims will need, and how to go about proving the total cost of that care in a lawsuit so the victim will obtain the care he or she needs for the remainder of their life.

– Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are incredibly challenging for the surviving family. Not only does the family have to deal with the immediate, tragic loss of a loved one, but they have the added burden of realizing that the death could have been prevented if another person or corporation was simply more careful or paying more attention at the time of the accident.

– Boating Accident

When seaman, fisherman, longshoremen, harbor workers, passengers or tourists are injured, it often is due to some sort of negligence. Claims can be brought against employers or craft owners if a vessel is determined to be unseaworthy or equipment is defective in some way. Additionally, injured longshoremen and harbor workers are entitled to compensation without proof of liability under a “no-fault” federal workers’ compensation system.

– Premises Liability

A property owner can be held legally responsible for serious injuries that occur on its property when the injury is caused by a dangerous property condition. These “premises liability” cases arise in a variety of contexts. The attorneys at Taylor & Ring have many years of experience in representing customers, visitors, and patrons who were severely injured by an accident that was caused by a property owner’s carelessness or negligence.

– Product Liability

One of the most difficult areas of personal injury law involves dangerous products that cause injury. These “product liability” cases require experienced, top-notch plaintiffs lawyers who have handled many prior cases against manufacturers, distributors or retailers of a dangerous or defective product. Our Los Angeles law firm is well-known for its expertise in litigating difficult, complex product liability cases against some of the largest manufacturers in America

– Construction Site Accident and Industrial Accident

In Southern California and Los Angeles, industrial workers and workers at construction sites are seriously injured every day because of someone’s negligence, carelessness, or failure to warn of hidden dangers. Yet, many of these injured workers assume they can only recover workers’ compensation benefits because they were working at the time. The lawyers at Taylor & Ring have the expertise in construction site accident cases and industrial accident cases to investigate and prove that companies other than the injured worker’s employer were at fault. If you were injured in a workplace accident, it is important that you contact a plaintiff’s lawyer to explore whether you are limited to workers’ compensation benefits or whether you can also recover full and fair compensation for your injuries because a third party also caused the accident.

– Brain Injury

At the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring, we represent accident victims who have suffered some form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Brain injury cases are complex cases that require experienced lawyers who have experience litigating those types of injuries. We have handled many brain injury cases and know exactly what it takes to prove a brain injury and to convince a jury that these injuries deserve lifetime compensation.

– School Injury

Lawyers at Taylor & Ring have represented children harmed at school in numerous cases such as sexual abuse or harassment by a teacher or fellow student, bullying, hazing, playground injuries, falls, sports injuries or injuries incurred during other school-sponsored activities.

– Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Misconduct

At the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring, we pride ourselves on our expertise in representing girls, boys, women and men who have suffered sexual abuse, assault or molestation. Our lawyers have achieved a reputation throughout California as one of the legal leaders in this area of the law. Unfortunately, in today’s society, there are many perpetrators of child abuse who gain access to children as teachers, coaches, supervisors, priests, and scout leaders. Our precedent-setting cases have helped bring to light the need for strict hiring practices and close supervision in any setting where children are placed under the care and guidance of adults.

– Sexual Abuse at School

Students should be free to attend school without the risk of being sexually abused or harassed by a teacher or other school employee. A child who faces unwanted touching, inappropriate verbal suggestions, or leering glances from a teacher or other faculty member is a victim of sexual abuse at school. Unfortunately, the occurrence of teacher sexual abuse and harassment in schools is common. From 2001-2005, an Associated Press report identified 2,570 teachers who were punished for sexual misconduct at school for actions that ranged from fondling to rape.

– Bullying

Regardless of the type of bullying that occurs, the psychological ramifications can be very serious for victims of chronic bullying. A study by the Harvard Medical School showed that victims of childhood bullying are more likely to develop suicidal thoughts or depression as adults. Although bullying in school is sometimes dismissed as a childhood rite of passage, this behavior carries potential legal consequences. If your child is the victim of bullying in school, consult with the attorneys at Taylor & Ring for a full understanding of your rights.

– Employment Discrimination

Even in today’s society, it is an unfortunate fact that discrimination still takes place in the workplace. At the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring, we have successfully represented employees who were victims of discriminatory practices at their jobs or in the hiring process for a job. Our lawyers have extensive experience in these employment cases to represent workers who were subjected to unfair and discriminatory tactics at work.

– Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal. The Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring represents many working women who were the targets of sexual harassment or misconduct in the workplace by their boss, supervisor, co-worker or even an important customer. Our lawyers are very experienced in handling these cases.

– Elder Abuse Law

California enacted a very stringent law commonly referred to as Elder Abuse law, although one does not need to be “old” to have the law apply to their situation. Rather, the law is aimed at adults of any age who are dependent on caregivers in acute care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. The law is aimed at nursing home and assisted care facilities whose neglect can cause serious harm and death to those relying upon and paying for care caused by a medical condition or simply old age.

– Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes and assisted care facilities are quick to promote what “wonderful” places they are for the elderly. Families who place a loved one in a nursing home usually make that decision because they feel it is the safest place for their parent or elderly relative.

– Police Shootings and Police Brutality

All too often we hear about innocent bystanders getting arrested, injured or killed by police officers just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether it’s a high-speed chase, a case of mistaken identity or just because the officer thought he or she could get away with it, there is a code of conduct that our men and women in uniform must follow.



David Ring Mr. David M. Ring
Car Accident, Discrimination, Employment, Personal Injury, Premises Liability
John Taylor Mr. John C. Taylor
Personal Injury, Product Liability, Wrongful Death

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  • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100
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